Drupal Modules

Matlock uses state-of-the-art technology to quickly and confidently detect which Drupal Modules a website is running. We do this by running a series of tests against a website to first make sure it's running Drupal, and then once we're able to confirm that, cross-reference it's code against the global database of Drupal Modules.

We hope that by letting you figure out which Drupal Modules websites are running, you can better figure out how those websites work, and how to make your own websites work better.

We want to help you find out what Drupal Modules websites are using and running, so we run thousands of tests every day to make sure we're giving the most up to date information.

Detecting specific Drupal Modules

Would you like us to detect a specific Drupal Module? We can do that. Just send us an email with the Drupal Module you want us to detect, and we'll add it to our system.